Green Glossary | Sustainable


Sustainability, what does it really mean? We hear this word every day regarding "sustainable companies", "sustainable products", and "sustainable society", but how is it defined?

Sustainability is centered around the idea of being maintained and continuing on into the future. In order to be sustainable, meeting needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs are critical. Environmental, societal, and economical characteristics have to be taken into consideration to ensure sustainability.

Environmental sustainability involves having healthy ecosystems. These provide vital goods and services to both humans and other organisms. The main focus for social sustainability involves individual lifestyles, and the overall way of life. Economically speaking, sustainability is achieved through integration.

A business that is sustainable minimized its impact on the environment. Participation in environmentally friendly activities ensure that all processes, products, and manufacturing adequately address current environmental concerns. A product that is sustainable is an item that minimizes the impact on the environment at each phase of its life cycle. A sustainable society will have the ability to continue into the future.