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Travel “Green” and get More out of Your Next Vacation!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Many think of worrying about being “green” is a hassle. In fact by making small adjustments to your get-a-way can make your time even more enjoyable.

First is transportation. For far away places, take direct flights. Places closer to home, jump on a bus or try some other form of public transportation. Next is choosing where you stay. If you are going to somewhere tropical, pick a good local place where you can explore and wont need a rental car. Finding places that allow for you to walk gives you a chance to explore. Going local not only emerges you into the new culture you are surrounded by, it also improves your carbon foot print. There are also hotels promised to green strides. What I have found is places that are committed to green actions are more likely to have a laid back and relaxing atmosphere. When choosing a hotel also look at what the hotel offers. Hotel activities, all inclusive, and a beach ten steps away can make for not only a more relaxing vacation, but also a more green one!

What it Means to go Green

Monday, April 25th, 2011

We are encompassed by the words green, eco-friendly, and sustainable, but do we really know what it fully means to be eco-friendly and go green? Going green are steps we can take to replace environmentally harmful behaviors with behaviors that are friendly. These new behaviors can be simple or complex based on small or large scale atmospheres. Smaller scale behaviors can be done at home by an individual or a few others, while large scale operations can be done by corporations trying to become more sustainable overall.

Going green is centered around three words: reduce, reuse, and recycle. There are many ways to put these words into action and become more eco-friendly. One person can make a difference by following those three words in their everyday lives. One can reduce the amount of plastic bag usage by bringing their own bags when shopping. Reusable bottles can be used for water, juice, ect instead of drinking bottled beverages. And a person can take part in a recycling program at home so items can have the chance to be made into something else instead of going to the landfill.

Corporations can take their part in helping the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Companies can find ways to make their packaging more eco-friendly by reducing ink and print content or the use of plastics. Amazon did this with their “frustration free” packaging by reducing content on their boxes and just having words on their packaging. They can also take their waste products from production and find ways to reuse them in other aspects of their business. PepsiCo’s UK Walkers brand potato chips did this by using the starch from their unused potato peels. Companies can also sprinkle eco-friendliness in their offices by initializing a recycling program and getting employees involved.

Every little bit of time we take to do things to be more eco-friendly helps our planet. So what does it mean to go green? Anything that will help the earth is an act of going green. Whether its done by an individual or a corporation, we can all take out part in protecting our planet.