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Sustainable Packaging Solutions– PackExpo 2012

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

To become a reputably sustainable manufacturing business, a lot of planning and research goes into what decisions to make to lead to the transformation. Packagin manufacturers interested in making these changes should be aware of the upcoming Pack Expo held in Chicago October 28-31. Not only does this event show examples and give networking opportunities for those striving for sustainability, but the expo provides infinite resources for environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient equipment. The event is for general packaging, however with the growing need for green solutions the companies that implement green initiatives are denoted in the exhibitor list, on the website and at the show itself. The conference that is being held also addresses the issue of sustainability and focuses on green initiatives that organizations can take. The industry partners helping to organize the content of this conference include: The Alliance for Innovation and Excellence, The Institute of Packaging Professionals, The Packaging Association of Canada and the Reusable Packaging Association. To learn more about the event and the full conference schedule, visit


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Using Packaging as the Product

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Lite2Go’s new product uses smart¬†packaging to its advantage. For eco-friendly innovation, this product eliminates the need for wasteful packaging altogether. The packaging that the product comes in plays¬† an integral role as its external package doubles as the lamp shade itself. The only part of the product that would be considered waste are the instructions and label- which of course are made of recyclable material and use environmentally friendly inks. By using product packaging as part of the product, this emphasizes the importance of a signature and classic look that will last as long as the product itself and not head straight for the garbage can.




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PepsiCo: Recyclable and Compostable

Monday, May 30th, 2011

PepsiCo is at it once again to fulfill their overall environmental goal of becoming an eco-friendly company. PepsiCo has realized something very important, their beverages are not just packaged in cans and bottles, cups are another way that Pepsi products get distributed. Places like colleges, stadiums, theme parks, and eateries use cups to serve Pepsi beverages. Although cans are fully recyclable and they have created the Plant Bottle, PepsiCo now has another task to tackle.

So how did PepsiCo solve this problem? They realized the need for sustainable beverage packaging and used some innovation and creativity to create 5 different eco-friendly, compostable, and recyclable cups that they will issue to their U.S. food-service customers. They designed 100% recyclable clear plastic cups, compostable paper cups, and wax cups that are made from plant-based materials from sustainably managed forests.

PepsiCo has done a fantastic job at going green and meeting their sustainability goals. They work hard to come up with innovative ways to green their packaging. PepsiCo has taken initiative to realize that consumers want to be more eco-friendly and they want their packaging to be eco-friendly as well. They hope that other companies will realize this and come up with their own ways to be more sustainable companies and produce eco-friendly packaging.

PepsiCo’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

Monday, March 28th, 2011

After seeing all the success Coca-Cola has had with their PlantBottle, PepsiCo has stepped up to the plate and has developed eco-friendly packaging for their pop. The green bottle they created is made entirely from fully renewable resources and significantly reduces its carbon footprint. The bottle is made from a combination of some materials you would never think could be put together to make a form of packaging. The raw materials include: switch grass, pine bark, and corn husks. Orange peels, potato peels, and oat hulls are on deck for materials to be used in the future.

This innovation from PepsiCo puts recycling up at a whole new level. The materials they are using to make the packaging are actually byproducts from its food business. So if you never believed that things could be recycled and reused to produce something else, there is now proof. The brilliance behind PepsiCo’s eco bottle is that they have combined biological and chemical processes to create a molecular structure that has the same look and feel of the standard bottle PepsiCo uses. The only difference is that the new bottle is fully recyclable and is made from environmentally friendly materials.

A pilot version of PepsiCo’s new packaging will be available in 2012. If successful, they will move directly into full production.

Eco-Friendly Detergent Packaging

Monday, March 21st, 2011

If you thought you would always see your laundry detergent in plastic packaging, you were wrong. Seventh Generation, maker of non-toxic household and personal care products, has made an eco-friendly advancement in packaging. The have transformed their detergent packaging into a bottle that is made from 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper. The new packaging consists of two parts: the outer shell and a plastic pouch. The outer shell is made from 70% recycled cardboard fibers and 30% newspaper fibers. It is fully recyclable and compostable, using 66% less plastic than the typical detergent bottles. The inside holds a plastic pouch that is also recyclable. The packaging can be easily disassembled for recycling.

This new sustainable packaging will be available throughout the country by the end of this month. Consumers now have an eco-friendly option for how they buy their detergent. It is a choice consumers have never had before. The new detergent packaging also has other benefits than just being eco-friendly. It can be turned into new packaging by being recycled. Seventh Generation produces sustainable packaging to help make a difference by saving natural resources and reducing pollution.

Moving Ahead With Greener Packaging

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Companies are jumping on the green packaging bandwagon and are focusing on eco-friendly options. Green packaging is a win-win situation for these companies because it’s environmentally friendly and it provides cost savings by tossing out wasteful and outdated materials and techniques. Going green is about trying new things to help save the environment and that is exactly what companies are doing. They are experimenting and finding ways to reduce waste and harm on the environment by producing more sustainable packaging.

Walmart has been a leader in searching for greener packaging alternatives. Last year they pledged to eliminate all waste at its stores in 2025 by reducing, reusing, or recycling all materials.

Dell has been taking efforts to provide more eco-friendly packaging by trying out packaging materials made from bamboo. Bamboo replenishes itself quickly, making it a great resource for packaging.

Amazon has been thinking of ways to rethink traditional packaging. Colorful packaging was originally used for display boxes, with the intention to maximize the visual appeal, which is not necessary for online shopping. So Amazon started offering “frustration free packaging”, a program aimed at reducing shipping waste and difficult to open packaging. They work directly with manufacturers to ship products in hassle free boxes.

Other companies such as FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service offer shipping boxes made from recycled materials.

Companies are becoming more environmentally friendly when it comes to packaging and have taken different approaches to doing so. The world is full with ways to reduce waste and produce greener packaging.