Go Green & Save Green

Going green means something different to everyone. A lot of people see going green as a way to help save the environment by making simple changes in the way we live our lives. I have compiled a list of ideas on how going green can also save your green.

What we buy is the first category of saving money while helping the environment. By switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs it saves energy, resulting in saving you about $30/year on your energy bill. Saving energy and cutting back on your bill can also be done by using Energy Star appliances. Solar water heaters will also cut back on bills. A huge contributor that many are guilty of is buying a pack of water bottles every time they go to the grocery store. By drinking more tap water and less bottled water, a lot of waste can be saved. If harmful chemicals are an issue, grab a water purifier for your sink and a refillable water bottle. A lot of public places supply drinking fountains that are safe to drink and easy access to fill up your water bottle. A fun way to save money and reduce waste is to grow your own garden. This gives you fresh vegetables and fruits in your own yard and cuts back on product packaging, and transportation while saving you money not only on the price of the product, but also on gas. When you do have to buy items at a store, such as toilet paper, think of buying in bulk. Not only are you saving money but you are helping the environment by reducing packaging waste.

The next way to save money while going green comes from the way we live. A simple and rarely thought about idea is to unplug electronic devices when not in use. This saves energy and cuts back on your bill. By taking care of electronic devices also saves a ton of money and cuts back on waste in landfills. Taking care of electronics provides a longer life and even if you want to purchase a new device, your old one is still nice enough to sell so you are saving and getting cash. Knowing the right ways to recycle electronics is also important. Using both sides of a paper is one that many businesses do not utilize. You save paper, trees, and money. The next idea is something many see as an inconvenience. Not using your car. Gas prices are sky high so saving on gas and filling up only half as many times a month as you do can really save you some big bucks. Carpooling is a way to take advantage of this. Also, a lot of companies offer a work from home days that could be utilized. Engaging in your community is another way to save gas. Find favorite restaurants, sports clubs and so on that you can walk or ride your bike to. Walking or biking saves on gas, the wear and tear of your car, and reduces air pollution.

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