A Marketing Challenge: More Consumers Thinking “Green”


Recently, the rise of green values have become an increasing trend throughout a majority of the United States. This challenges brand owners to come up with an effective way to communicate their green message to their consumers in an applicable way.

Lately a shift has been made in the green industry. It used to be a small population that was concerned about green products and services. This has now shifted into a larger population because a majority of consumers in the United Stateshave some sort of green values. Marketing Institute‚Äôs LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Consumer Trends Database found that 83% of theU.S. population has been reported that green values, activities, and purchasing are important. The 83% of theU.S. population has created a $290 billion market for green consumer goods. What the data represents is that the “green” choices have gone mainstream. What this means for marketers and brand owners is that they have to acknowledge the fact that they are no longer targeting only a specific group of individuals, they are now targeting a majority of the consumer population.


Source: packworld.com

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