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Although we haven’t seen much green packaging for toys, it looks like one company is ready to make that change. For one Canadian company, Battant Inc., toys and their packaging are now beginning to take on an eco-friendly twist in an effort to teach children as they grow up to be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible for one.

Battant Inc., out of Mont-Royal,QC,Canada, recently launched B. Toys in an effort to inspire children to “B” curious, smart, creative, caring, socially responsible, and much more. The company is all about celebrating differences and promoting the planet, in addition, 10 cents of every purchase made goes to the charity Free the Children, whose mission “believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.”

Upon entering the B. Toys “Just B. Just You. B You” website, it is apparent that this is no ordinary toy website, and it is complete different from any toy website that I’ve ever seen, in a good way. From the colors, the natural look, and the quotes, it is clear that this company really cares about making a difference and a commitment to the environment and in every child’s life.

The principal and creative director of DoodleDo Design & Development Environment, Gisela Voss, designed the toys and built the brand’s marketing and brand teaming for Battant Inc., the company that launched B. toys. Voss knew that she wanted to create and eco-friendly product all around. The idea behind it was that Voss wanted to use as little packaging material as possible. The packaging the product does have is made from recycled – and recyclable – materials and is printed with soy inks and water varnishes. The die-cut display boxes transform themselves into colorful trays that hold the product; bags and ties are made of recycled polypropylene and feel like fabric, are reusable, and biodegradable. Even the clear plastic used in the toys and the packaging is recycled #1 PET.

What else is pretty cool is that after the toy is removed from the packaging, the box can then be reused as a storage container and is encouraged and a message is with suggested with uses on the box.  Instead of featuring pictures of children playing with the toys on the box, the packaging features richer hues such as those of Indian textiles

The B. toy brand hopes to expand out of just toys and “Perhaps B. books, B. greeting cards, B. children’s clothing, B. room décor,” states Voss. Hopefully in the future we will be seeing more from B. toys and their efforts to create a more eco-friendly generation.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company”
– B. Toys




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