The Colonel Introduces Eco-Friendly Packaging

KFC, famous for its red and white buckets full of chicken, plans to replace its old Styrofoam side dish containers with a reusable eco-friendly version to cut down on packaging waste. This has been influenced by a watch dog group called Dogwood Alliance Team, which has criticized KFC for using its buckets that contribute to the destruction of southern U.S. forests.

These new containers are 100% propylene that are used for side orders such as coleslaw and mashed potatoes. They are actually dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning customers can actually reuse them! They also require 25% less energy to produce than the old containers and generate fewer greenhouse gases.

KFC’s goal is to eliminate the use of foam from all of its restaurants. The implementation of their new philosophy “reuse, renew, rejoice” will help meet these goals along with looking for other ways to cut its carbon footprint.

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