Green Games

There are so many opportunities to implement sustainable, eco-friendly products into our everyday lives. For instance a blogger writes about their friend using eco-friendly chipboard for printed business cards. The writer takes it a step further thinking, with all of the board games out there that use printed materials like cards and game boards, why don’t game developers incorporate this material in their product? Chipboard is made up of paper scraps that are processed into a rough sheet of stock. Because the materials are reclaimed, it is a much more sustainable option than using virgin wood pulp to process. It gets even better by being an affordable alternative. While the option is economically and environmentally pleasing, there are a couple of downfalls. First, the chipboard is not acid free, and isn’t archival or glossy- meaning as it ages, it will not stay in the exact condition. The surface isn’t perfect, which gives it an earthy look and feel. This may affect print quality for smaller print type. With all of the print and paper that goes into producing board games, this small change can make a big difference in the long run. We at Sunrise Packaging pride ourselves in our eco-friendly packaging options and chipboards. –check out what we’ve got and start your game board project with sustainability in mind.