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Using Packaging as the Product

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Lite2Go’s new product uses smart packaging to its advantage. For eco-friendly innovation, this product eliminates the need for wasteful packaging altogether. The packaging that the product comes in plays  an integral role as its external package doubles as the lamp shade itself. The only part of the product that would be considered waste are the instructions and label- which of course are made of recyclable material and use environmentally friendly inks. By using product packaging as part of the product, this emphasizes the importance of a signature and classic look that will last as long as the product itself and not head straight for the garbage can.




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Go Green- Be a Post-Consumer!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Once you open and unwrap your favorite products, think twice before heading straight to the garbage can. There is a multitude of ways to reuse product packages and become a “post-consumer” guru. “Post-consumer” refers the use of a product once it is no longer used for its originally intended purpose. The first step of the post-consumer cycle begins with waste. Think again about your printing, paper, and packaging products reuse them around the house and get creative!

You can start to make a difference even before you purchase. In your normal shopping routine, start to pay attention to labels that tell you what the product is made of. By purchasing products that recycle a large percentage of post-consumer waste, you are helping the environment by preventing the need to tap into the beautiful natural resources that our planet has to offer.

Once waste gets to the landfill, it is subjected to a complex sorting process. With both of these steps you are keeping landfills clear of useful material that is perfectly reusable. So have fun being creative with your everyday reusable product packaging, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for products that utilize post-consumer resources. Remember- what goes around comes around- so feel great about doing your part to encourage the success of the recycling market and process!

100% Biodegradable Packaging Promised by Israeli Firm

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

TIPA is an Israeli company that promises a packaging waste solution; they now offer 100% biodegradable packaging material. Packaging material and the waste it produces is a big concern for the Earth.

TIPA offers a wide variety of packaging such as the Tip, the Tipack and the Tipup. All options offer a completely green packaging material. These designs also encourages users to reuse the packaging for something else. This is another step towards the green movement that more companies are jumping on each day.



Environmental Friendly Packaging Solutions on the Rise

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

An Irish supply chain management company, PCH International has decided to set up a new sustainable packaging design centre. This will be located in Shenzhen,China and a product showroom will be set up in San   Francisco ,CA. Designing new packaging solutions that are sustainable and have the least carbon footprint and a full life-cycle assessment is the ultimate goal. This project is set to launch in 2013 with the goal being able to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.