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Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


For those of you who do not know what precycling even means, it occurs before you even buy an item. Precycling is the process of the consumer thinking about the purchasing decisions in regards to how they will dispose of the item. It is basically asking yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Where your item goes after you are done using it is helpful in eliminating waste and helping the environment.

Here are some ways to think about precycling:

  • Find clever ways to reuse household items
  • Save plastic bags, boxes, gift wrap, twist ties all for reuse
  • Borrow or rent items you rarely use (my neighbors should borrow a lawn mower)
  • Buy a reusable travel mug for coffee and water
  • Don’t use plastic plates or utensils… wash your dishes
  • Use reusable bags when going shopping (have you every carried your groceries in a reusable bag? So much easier!)
  • Use cloth napkins (think of all the money you can save)
  • Buy items in bulk to save on packaging waste
  • Buy fresh fruit and veggies instead of packaged ones
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Use both sides of a paper
  • Practice in freecycling: giving something away rather than throwing it away
  • Donate items you no longer want/need

Precycling can really help save the environment and also help you save money. By thinking ahead you are able to save all around.

Travel “Green” and get More out of Your Next Vacation!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Many think of worrying about being “green” is a hassle. In fact by making small adjustments to your get-a-way can make your time even more enjoyable.

First is transportation. For far away places, take direct flights. Places closer to home, jump on a bus or try some other form of public transportation. Next is choosing where you stay. If you are going to somewhere tropical, pick a good local place where you can explore and wont need a rental car. Finding places that allow for you to walk gives you a chance to explore. Going local not only emerges you into the new culture you are surrounded by, it also improves your carbon foot print. There are also hotels promised to green strides. What I have found is places that are committed to green actions are more likely to have a laid back and relaxing atmosphere. When choosing a hotel also look at what the hotel offers. Hotel activities, all inclusive, and a beach ten steps away can make for not only a more relaxing vacation, but also a more green one!

Biodegradable Foam Used in Packaging

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Companies have been using biodegradable foam to protect their electronics while being shipped. Northern custom packaging has made this possible.

“Plexus presented us with the challenge and opportunity to develop packaging that would not only protect the sensitive digital equipment but also do so in a cost-effective manner and with a positive environmental footprint,” says Great Northern Custom Packaging sales manager Dan Stubing.

Great Northern has taken this companies packaging needs and developed an outstanding solution. A custom package that combines the recyclability of Green Cell Foam® cornstarch-based protective packaging also meets all of the companies packaging requirements.

“Developing green packaging is something that is becoming desired in today’s packaging industry, but doing so in a cost-effective manner and without sacrificing high performance takes expertise,” says Stubing. “The packaging we developed for Echo360 shows Great Northern’s ability to meet all three requirements: price, planet, and performance.”




Make 4th of July “Green”

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

4th of July is usually a time to get together with family and friends while sharing a nice picnic and each others company. Here are a few ideas to make your holiday a little more “green.”

First off, July 4th is primetime for summer weather. Shut the air off and get outside. Take the family swimming at a local lake/pool and enjoy a picnic outside at a local park. Spending a night under the stars is always fun too!

If hosting a 4th of July celebration, send out emails instead of invitations. Emails are faster, easier and well saves you money. Natural gas grills are the most energy efficient. Try to chose items that have to be grilled such as hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, veggies, or corn on the cob. These save energy and who doesn’t love a grilled meal?

Last is the entertainment. Play yard games during the day and plan to go to a local firework show at night. Fireworks are not eco-friendly at all. Planning to go to a local firework show is usually pretty awesome, saves you money, and helps the environment.